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Is a Professional Employer Organization Right For Your Company?

As a Professional Employer Organization – or PEO – we allow our clients to outsource much of the work required by having employees. Our job is to manage and administer areas such as human resources, compliance to federal and state laws, payroll, and other administrative tasks related to having employees.

In addition, thanks to the co-employment model of a PEO, we are able to allow all our clients to pool resources, which gives you the ability to offer your employees the same (or better!) benefits at a much more reasonable cost.

In other words, we become the “employer of record” for your employees, managing all the administrative work; you are the operating employer, with direct oversight of your employees who work for your business.

 What does SustainableHR PEO do?

Human Resources Outsourcing

  • HR-focused paperwork
  • Handbooks
  • Monitoring employment regulations and reporting requirements
  • Assisting with interviewing, hiring, disciplining and terminating employees
  • Provide access to HR experts to navigate Federal and state compliance laws


  • Processing paychecks and direct deposits
  • Filing payroll taxes and preparing returns
  • Ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations


  • Provides access to a wide range of medical, dental, retirement and other insurance offerings
  • Administrative support for benefits you select, and expert support to your employees who have questions

Support Services

  • Employee and manager training
  • Performance management to evaluate, identify and reward key employees and create performance evaluation systems
  • Perform salary data analysist, workforce planning and compensation management
  • Background screening and criminal and credit background checks

Why choose SustainableHR PEO?

We were born out of a professional services firm that’s been working with businesses just like yours for more almost a dozen years. SustainableHR PEO is a culmination of all our years in providing HR services (SustainableHR), payroll (Organic Payroll), and accounting (Kollath CPA) to small- and mid-sized companies. Our PEO was built on our commitment to providing personal and customized service to every client we serve.

How It Works

Simply contact us at the information below, and we’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation. We will talk through your current HR and employee situation, offer some initial recommendations on how these areas could become more efficient (and profitable!) in your business, and discuss if utilizing a PEO would be the right decision for you and the goals of your company. 

Contact Us

SustainableHR PEO
Ms. Chris Flessert
2501 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI
(608) 729-7362

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