The Professional Employer Organization Built for You

A comprehensive solution to employee management: payroll, HR, and benefits – all in one.


Simplify payroll with time-saving technology


Improve your company culture


Provide better benefit options for your employees


As a Professional Employer Organization – or PEO – we become the “employer of record” for your employees, managing all the administrative work; you are the operating employer, with direct oversight of your employees who work for your business.

Our job is to manage and administer areas such as human resources, compliance to federal and state laws, payroll, and other administrative tasks. In addition, thanks to the co-employment model of a PEO, we allow our clients pool resources, which gives you the ability to offer your employees the same (or better!) benefits at a much more reasonable cost.

What a Professional Employer Organization Does for You

Outsourced HR

Manage administrative and personnel issues with employees


Monitor employment regulations and navigate compliance laws


Process paychecks and direct deposits, file payroll taxes, and prepare returns



Provide a wide range of insurance offerings and support your chosen benefits


Employee and manager training and create performance evaluation systems


Compensation management, workforce planning, and recruitment

Small Businesses CAN Compete with Large Companies

How? With a PEO. By utilizing group-buying power, you can offer Fortune-500-level benefits to your employees to attract – and retain – top talent

HR Tech Plus Dedicated Experts

HR, payroll, and benefits – all in one solution. Never spend your time processing payroll, googling HR regulations, or handling open enrollment again.

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