About Us

We’ve spent years perfecting our skills in HR, payroll and accounting

Our Origin Story

We were born out of a professional services firm that’s been working with businesses just like yours for almost a dozen years. SustainableHR PEO is a culmination of all our years providing HR services (SustainableHR), payroll (Organic Payroll), and accounting (Kollath CPA) to small- and mid-sized companies. We combined these highly successful services into the PEO clients are successfully utilizing today.

Our Belief

It doesn’t matter if you own a small firm that employs 3 or 4 people or are a larger organization that has more than 100 employees. We’ve always believed people are at the center of any successful organization. Our PEO was built on our commitment to providing personalized and customized service to every client we serve. We are honored that small- to mid-sized businesses throughout Wisconsin have relied on our extensive expertise to help them grow and achieve success.

How We Work

We provide a full suite of services – at a reasonable, fair and transparent price – to help each client reach their goals. We have talked to countless numbers of business owners about their current HR and employee situation, and we’re always quick to offer initial recommendations on how these areas could become more efficient (and profitable!). We’re skilled at talking through all the pros and cons of utilizing a PEO, and if it’s the right decision for the goals of your organization.

Our Commitment

We have a strong sense of community in all of the work we do. We strive to be an extension of each of our clients’ professional families, providing one-on-one service that nurtures growth and sustainability.  

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