Free Employee Performance Review Template

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Improve Productivity and Engagement with Better Performance Reviews.

Productive performance reviews don’t happen unless you have a defined process. Working through a template will help you keep your meetings structured, help you set better goals, and help you measure improvement.

The Employee Performance Review Template Includes Three Sections:

Areas for Review

Strengths and Areas for Improvement

Looking Forward

Set Better Goals

Using an in-depth evaluation of performance can help you to identify areas for improvement, making it easier to set productive, attainable goals. Grab the free performance review template to start improving your employee goal-setting.

Measure Performance Accurately

If your performance management system doesn’t utilize a measurement tool, it can be hard to truly gauge how your employees are doing. Use this scale to help define which areas need improvement and where employees are excelling.

Don’t Just Check Boxes

Use this template to take your measurements a step further and dive deeply into the areas you are examining. Performance reviews should be conversational, not an interrogation.

Why is performance management important?

Performance management is essential as it clarifies roles and performance expectations within an organization, aligning individual efforts with broader company objectives. This practice not only identifies areas needing improvement but also encompasses setting objectives, providing feedback, and facilitating personal and professional growth. Effective performance management enhances productivity, elevates employee satisfaction, and ensures collective movement towards shared goals, fostering a culture of continual advancement. This, in turn, contributes to the organization’s competitive advantage and success.

How often should performance reviews be conducted?

Optimally, performance reviews should be conducted quarterly. This frequency allows for a balanced approach, providing timely feedback without the overwhelming detail of annual reviews. It supports the establishment of short-term targets that contribute to the fulfillment of long-term ambitions, enabling swift adjustments and early problem identification and resolution.

What is the appropriate length for performance reviews?

The ideal length for performance reviews varies but should generally be between 30 minutes to an hour. This timeframe accommodates thorough discussions while remaining succinct enough to maintain focus and avoid fatigue, ensuring productive and meaningful exchanges.

What a Professional Employer Organization Does For You

Outsourced HR

Manage administrative and personnel issues with employees.


Monitor employment regulations and navigate compliance laws.


Process paychecks and direct deposits, file payroll taxes and prepare returns.



Provide a wide range of insurance offerings and uspport your chosen benefits.

Training / Performance

Employee and manager training and create performance evaluation systems.


Compensation management, workforce planning, and recruitment.

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